About Us

About School

Nibodhita Vidhya Mandir is a Premier English Medium Co-Educational School. It is located on Mathura-Govardhan road at about 2 Km before Govardhan town. The campus is nestled in a green environment dotted with 100’s of trees. The motto of school is “श्रमोनवरत चेष्टा च”, which means timeless attempt and effort. The School is affiliated to CBSE New Delhi. The aim of the school is to provide quality education to students of this non-metro area, at an affordable cost.

Who We Are - History

NVM is a school which epitomizes Lord Krishna’s Teaching. The tender yet sturdy flower unfolded its first petal with 64 students on roll on 1st April 2014. Since then the school has been nurtured under the watchfull guidance of Mrs. Shashi Bala Sharma. She was living abroad before conceptualising this initiative. Within a short span of 4 years the school has grown in size and established itself as a premier institute for secondary education.